mu·li·eb·ri·ty: the condition of being a woman fundraising comedy show for abortion laws
June 4, 2019
outfit • Tableaux Vivants
hair • Isaac Davidson @ Industry Managment

A personality reel by JXJ Films

extra in the #gowiththeflaw Diesel | Deisel campaign

Trent Crews performing Oops... I Did it Again from his White Girls Mixtape
Styled by Christopher Quarterman
Filmed by Zurisaddai
Dress by Tatyana Merenyuk

WE LOVE NYC stepped into my apartment and picked my mind.
Hat by Zoltan Toth
originally posted on Huffington Post 2.16.17

Who is So Fausti?
Audition tape by BRIAN CHOY
Outfit by NicoPanda

Style IRL: SoHo

When love is all you have…
A film by BRIAN CHOY
As told by Angela Sloan and Katherine Sloan
Featuring TATYANA MERENYUK dresses, VSA jewels and OBI CYMATICA shoes

A film by BRIAN CHOY

How to look good without trying

Seasonal special televised on FYI Network 12/14