Fausti is a personality and enigmatic muse who tells stories through provocative self-expression and observational comedy.

"Comedian" and "style icon" are not commonly heard within the same sentence but Fausti happens to be both. Her stage presence--while performing stand up comedy-- is a constant flirt with sexuality, beauty and fashion. She uses these elements to shake up an industry mainly dominated by men. She describes her style as a “sexually-charged muppet” with inspiration ranging from equestrianism, glam rock, Dr. Seuss and burlesque. Her NYC lifestyle has landed her into the category of “New York when it was cool” and “authentic NY.”

If there is one thing Fausti loves more than making people laugh, it’s fashion. She believes that, through her witty and relatable (yet unrelatable) comedy, she can connect with an audience to keep the art and expression of fashion alive.

She’s so fun. She's so fashionable. She’s “So Fausti."

Fausti is SAG/AFTRA eligible.




Height: 5'6  167cm  |  Bust: 31  78.74cm  |  Waist: 24  60.96cm  |  Hips: 34.0  86.36  
Shoe Size: 9.5  40eu  |  Dress: 0  32eu  |  Hair Color: Black•Yellow•Blonde |  
Eye Color: Dark Brown•Ice Blue

2019 Media Kit 

Styling Portfolio